Natural Home Remedies for Post Viral Cough

Symptoms: An irritating cough that follows a viral respiratory tract infection, such as a common cold or flu, and lasting up to eight weeks

Causes: It is normal to have a cough with a virus, as anyone can have it because of many reasons like seasonal changes, environmental pollution etc. This viral often stays long after the initial illness.

  1. Home Remedy of Cough Using Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Onion and Cayenne Pepper Tea:

    Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Onion and Cayenne Pepper Tea, with these natural things you can treat cough and move it out from your body from the root with no side effects.
    Prepare the medicine as follows:

    1. 2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
    2. 1 inch piece ginger, grated (no need to remove the skin)
    3. Juice of 1 lemon
    4. 1 small red onion, chopped finely
    5. Large pinch of cayenne pepper

    Place all of the ingredients in a flask and fill with one glass of boiling water. Seal and leave on gas to boil for half an hour and then sip throughout the day. You can also strain that boiled through a sieve and sip that medicinal liquid throughout the day.

  2. Natural Treatment For Cough Using Hot Milk And Honey:

    You can mix a spoon full of honey in hot milk or take a spoon full of honey then take milk to get relief from dry cough. Honey mixed in warm milk also helps to get relief from chest pain. For best result, try this remedy before going to bed at night. For clearing the mucus and keeping your throat well soothed, you can take a teaspoon of plain honey on empty stomach.

  3. Treating Cough In Natural Way Using Hot Turmeric:

    Turmeric is most common herb having antibacterial and antiviral properties used in many home remedies and also commonly available in home. The simplest way to use turmeric for cough relief is:
    Add one tsp of turmeric powder to one tsp of carom seeds in a cup of water and boil it till the volume of water becomes the half.
    Add some honey to the mixture.
    Take this herbal solution two to three times throughout the day.
    Another way to use turmeric is to roast the turmeric root and then grind it to make a smooth powder. Take this powder twice a day after mixing it with water and honey.

  4. Natural Treatment For Cough Using Carrot Juice:

    Carrot is rich in vitamin A and nutrients that can help in getting relief from various symptoms of cough.
    Make a fresh juice of five to six carrots and add some water to dilute it. Take this juice three to four times a day to get relief from cough.
    You can also add a spoon full of honey to a glass of carrot juice and drink it three to four times a day.

  5. Home Remedy Of Cough Using Grapes:

    This tasty fruit is also useful to get rid of cough. The effective expectorant property of grapes helps in releasing mucus from the affected part of respiratory passages.
    Make grape juice and add some honey to it. Take this juice mixed with honey will helps to get relief from cough.

  6. Treating Cough In Natural Way Using Almonds:

    Almonds have nutritional properties and play a proactive role in healing cough.
    Soak five to six almonds in water for eight to ten hours. Make a paste of soaked almonds and then add a teaspoon of butter to it.
    Eat the mixture three to four times a day to get relief from symptoms of cough.
    Try this treatment in generally winter season as almonds should not be taken in summer.

  7. Home Remedy Of Cough Using Water And Salt:

    Gargle with hot water by adding a pinch of salt into it, it helps in curing the sore throat. You can also get relief by Keep drinking hot drinks like coffee and tea or simply Luke warm water.

  8. Natural Home Treatment For Cough Using Onion Juice:

    Sliced onion sprinkled with sugar left over night. Squeeze the juice of that slices early morning intake of about 2 tablespoon full of that juice is the great remedy for cough. It is of course not advisable for diabetic.

  9. A Sweet Natural Home Treatment For Cough Using Tea With Tulsi Leaves:

    While preparing your tea, add few tulsi leaves and crushed ginger to it along with black pepper; you will get much relief from cough.
    There is another way of getting relief from cough by mixing the black pepper powder in hot water (three to four glasses). Take it at every half an hour interval. You will surely get relief; At least the intensity of the attack of cough can be minimized.

  10. Honey With Black Pepper To Cure Cough:

    Honey with black pepper is the oldest and popular method to cure cough. To a tablespoon full of honey, add half spoon full of powdered black pepper and take that solution three to four times a day. It is very effective method to get relief from post viral cough.

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